Most Useful Keyword Tools Of Year 2012

Writing original, informative and deeply researched content is a remarkable job which consume lot of time and needs lot of hard work and dedication, but it reaches to others properly, if you write for audiences, is also very important. It is then when few keywords can change the world around you. Don’t worry searching the most searchable keyword(s) is not a rocket science any more. There are plenty of free and paid tools which you can utilize to write unique content. Here are some of my favorites :

Google Suite

Google is not just a search engine. It provides lot of products and applications for hell loads of requirements. Out of which three I am mentioning here which are useful Keyword tools to write unique contents.

1. Google AdWords Keyword tool

This is a free tool and anybody can access it via internet. It has vast database of useful keywords which can expand the reach of your writings. It has two advanced useful filters; location and language which help you in regional and language specific keyword search.
You can enter your word and can restrict the possible keywords or phrases by website, category, location and languages. It provides popular and related keywords instantly with relevant statistics in tabular format Google Adwords Keyword tool is a life saver and gives you the search volume figures too for any keyword.

2. Google Trends

You can use it in your writing to learn more about trends. It tells you which word has more worth for your writing. It provides a graph for your search and relevance in different years; search can be specific to a country, a region and even a sub region. See here.

3. Google Insights for Search

If you know your keywords to some extent, this tool is for you. It searches volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Insights can help you determine which messages are best for you. For example,  if an auto manufacturer is in doubt to use “fuel efficiency” or “safety” as the keyword in their sales promotion campaign, then Insight will highlight what most people look for, when buying an automobile. If you are writing for some new technology promotions then Insight will help you to find out potential regions for upcoming markets. Compare by Search term as per location and time ranges. Advanced filter categories are also available. It also en-list the relevant rising searches in percentage.

Basically, Google Insights for Search provides you a complete insight of the searched keyword in terms of use and relevance, in different regions of the world through years.


It is a platform which helps as a keyword research guide. You not only get excellent keywords here but also discover search engines. It comes with three solutions,

  • WordTracker Keywords – It provides search engine optimization (SEO).
  • WordTracker Link Builder – It is a keyword research tool which maximizes the traffic for your site.
  • WordTracker Strategizer – It provides the best keywords you should use in your writing to get maximum hits.

WordTracker comes with a 7 days free trial. It also has a more advanced paid version, and sells top keyword reports.


It provides an inclusive solution of keywords. It tells you about PPC (pay per click) competitors and SEO (search engine optimization) competitors. You will know who all are talking about your subject on Facebook and Twitter.

It also provides the average search volumes in different domains. iSpionage is a paid tool.


It itself is a bunch of tools, some are free for public and some are paid like , “Keyword tool” is free whereas “Keyword research tool” is paid but has 7 days of free trial. SEOBook is only available to log in members who have registered a free account.

There are many more traditional keyword selection tools like SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool, Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool, Microsoft Ad Intelligence, Keyword Discovery etc.

You can be a journalist, a blogger, a campaign designer, web site manager or a writer you will need at least one of the above mentioned tools for effective and reachable writing. What you will use is purely your choice. So if you are not using any till date, start using one now!

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