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Pinterest has sneaked up on us like an ambushing soldier. A few months ago, most of us had not even heard of Pinterest, and now, wherever we turn, people are talking about it. Not just talking, but also following each others’ pinning boards, posting pictures that they find interesting and scouring the network to look at pictures posted by other people. Pinterest users are actually forging bonds and friendships and creating communities on the network.


WordPress Bloggers have long known the importance of using the various social networks to publicize their blogs. Most WordPress blogs have a Facebook button where people can click, and an update is sent to their Facebook account every time there is a new post. But they were left out, more or less, from the Pinterest bandwagon, though some of my blogger friends have tried to jump on by pinning pictures on Pinterest relevant to their WordPress post and linking the image to the blog post. Yeah, that could work, but it seems dauntingly complicated and difficult.


This is where WP Pinner comes in. WP Pinner, developed by Wilco de Kreij and Mark Ramos of Netherlands, is a clever little plug-in that lets WordPress users share the writings and images on their blogs, directly on Pinterest. Once you download WP Pinner, a small dashboard gets installed on your WP admin area. On this dashboard, the name of the pinning board, that dates on which the posts were mades, the number of clicks, the number of likes, the number of repins, and other such details are made known to you as information. You can directly schedule pins from this dashboard, without needing to open Pinterest and sign in. The dashboard also lets you view and comment on other people’s pinboards, interact with other pinners, and follow those boards that you particularly like.

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The WP Pinner tool really fills in the gap because there was no actual way to manage all the boards in your Pinterest account from one convenient platform. WP Pinner provides just that to bloggers who also happen to be pinners.

WP Pinner tool

The product is just being released in beta right now, so it does not have too many features yet, in fact nothing more than auto pinning and pinboard stats. But if you are interested in acquiring this tool once the final version is released, visit their website and drop the team a mail. They will send you an invitation once the final product is ready and out.

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