Official FaceBook Messenger and Ticker Client For Windows 7 Now Available

Just few hours before Facebook brings a Messenger and ticker client for windows platform. The FaceBook Messenger and Ticker Client is already out fore few people as a trial run. FaceBook Messenger and Ticker Client is a new all in one application from Facebook that allows you to use Facebook without visiting the Facebook home page. This Facebook messenger client is looking similar to their mobile application which has 18.2 million daily active users.

With FaceBook Messenger and Ticker Client application you can stay in touch with your friends and colleagues get latest updates of your friend’s status on ticker and get quick notifications easily. This Facebook messenger application is presently available only for windows 7 and as per the reports it looks like Microsoft is not involved in the development of this application.


FaceBook Messenger application will also allow you stay logged into Facebook even after you close your browser or navigate away from Facebook. Facebook messenger automatically sync your Facebook account information when you first time login to the messenger.

If you want to log out from the Facebook messenger application then you can do it from your windows 7 taskbar by right-click the “F icon” in your Windows taskbar and choose Log out from the app, this will direct you back to for log out.

Another thing I would like to add is the privacy, Facebook messenger will get the same privacy that you set for your account on you got a chance to experience the new Facebook messenger application ? Then please share your experience in our comments section.

Don’t worry if you still not got a chance to experience the same, Facebook will be rolling out FaceBook Messenger application to everyone gradually.

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