Safari 5.0.1 and Safari extension Gallery from Apple

Today a big day for Apple lovers, various new products and services inaugurated today for Apple. The much awaited apple safari browser extension gallery released today with a large number of extension available including new york time’s amazon, Bing etc.

Safari browser extensions backed with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies all are digitally signed for security protection. All the extensions need Safari 5.0.1 which also released today you can download safari 5.0.1 at . More over no more re-start required after installing extension; I think all the safari lovers will love it.

You can mange your e-bay account right in safari with e-bay extension. You can keep track of your e-bay activity even you can sign in securely right inside Safari. Now wish list also easily available with official Amazon extension. You can make a wish list while you browse the internet. Official Bing extension will help you simply highlight text to get instant maps, translations, flight status, and search results. Keep your eye on your twitter account with twitter extension for Safari.

You can check apple Safari extension gallery at

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