Second Ubuntu App Showdown Is Live Now – Submit Your App Using The New Ubuntu SDK And Ubuntu Touch Platform

Ubuntu team got very busy schedule these days! Just announced the second Ubuntu App Showdown contest to develop new Ubuntu applications from the startup to deployment in just six weeks. It will be starting from 7 th of this month.

Both original applications and ported apps, native and HTML 5, will qualify for this Ubuntu App Showdown competition. The The winners of this Ubuntu App Showdown contest will receive an LG Nexus 4 phone running the most awaited stable Ubuntu Touch with their application per-installed. If you got lucky you will get an opportunity to have your application included in the default Ubuntu installation image for phones and tablets.

Ubuntu App Showdown

Your apps must use one of the available languages supported by the Ubuntu SDK, that means you can use the c++and Qt, Javascript and QML, HTML 5 and the SDK style-sheets, or OpenGL. Anyone can participate in the Ubuntu App Showdown, there is no need to register, sign up, or buy anything. Also you don’t even need a phone running Ubuntu Touch, since any Ubuntu SDK application will run just as well in a window on your Ubuntu desktop. The complete list of rules and regulations are available at App Showdown rules.

The jury will judge all the applications to Ubuntu App Showdown contest according to the following criteria:

  • General InterestThe apps that are of more interest to normal phone users will be scored higher.
  • FeaturesYour app must need wide range of useful and interesting features.
  • Awareness / PromotionJury will award extra points to those who blog, tweet, facebook, Google+, and otherwise share updates and information about your app as it progress.
  • QualityYour app must have high quality, stable, and bug-free application experience.
  • Design– your app should harness the Ubuntu Design Guidelines so it looks, feels, and operates like an Ubuntu app.

The deadline to submit your entry is Sunday 15th September 2013 at 23:59 UTC.

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