Secure your windows 7 with video login

Technology is developing in a fast phase. Now change the way you log in to new windows7 operating  system, say thanks to the software developers.Luxand developed one software called “Blink “ for logging in to your windows machine using face detection technology. Some of the pc manufactures have this kind of software before but all those become proprietary. Luxand software is totally free all you need is a cam along with your pc or laptop then you can use Luxand software to secure your log in on windows 7.

After installing this software just look in to the webcam for a moment and just move your face slowly as per screen instructions.Luxand will capture your face that will be used for log in to your system. It is so simple that you don’t need any additional training.

The interesting part is that you don’t need to type your complex password to log in to you pc or laptop Luxand will recognize your face with in seconds after you start windows 7

Presently Luxand “Blink” will support windows vista and windows 7 32 bit version only.

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