Top 10 Excellent Sites To Download Free Fonts

Whether you are a designer or a website developer or an advertiser, there is no way you can ignore the importance of good fonts in your work. A well chosen font makes your copy or design stand out and easy to remember. It adds to the attractiveness and also effectively creates the right kind of atmosphere for whatever your text wants to say. So it is of utmost significance that you select the perfect font for your document or page.

The internet is full of places you can buy fonts, but it really makes no sense to pay for something you can find so easily for free. There a number of websites that offer you free fonts for download. These fonts are not only free of cost, they are also hugely varied and most of them are very uniquely attractive. So check out these ten awesome websites where you can download fonts for free.

1. Fawnt

Admittedly, not all of the fonts on the Fawnt website are free, but a decent number of them are, and the rest are quite affordable. Enjoy choosing your favorite font from over 10,000 new and captivating designs. The home page too is easy on the eye, with each separate font being displayed in large bubbles.


2. Urban Fonts

Over 8000 great fonts, each of them free, are arranged in this website alphabetically, and cross linked according to categories like Classic and Horror. Have fun selecting your favorite ones from this collection.

3. Fonts2u

This is the website you will have to visit if you are looking for the hugest collection of free fonts online. With over 45,000 cool fonts, Fonts2u is bound to have exactly the font you are looking for. Another attraction is the Movies section where you can download fonts associated with famous movies or movie posters, to emulate the effect.


4. Abstract Fonts

If you are looking for somewhat different styles of fonts, Abstract Fonts has over 13,400 lovely samples that might interest you. The calligraphy selection is particularly exciting, and the doodle style fonts are irresistible. The website is updated with new fonts every week.

5. 1001 Free Fonts

The name of this website belies its actual size of collection. Over a million fonts can be found at 1001 Free Fonts, all arranged alphabetically and by category. Also, if you are interested in creating fonts, the site offers a number of well researched instructional articles on this, as well as other font related topics.

1001 Free Fonts

6. Dafont

Dafont’s home page is a bit crowded and not as easy on the eye as some of the other sites we have discussed here, the fonts themselves each one better than the last. The best part is that all the fonts are really easy to download if you are using Windows or Mac.

7. Fontspace

Of all the font sites we scanned while compiling this list, we found the most interesting and stunning fonts on Fontspace. This website has a shipload of more than 16,000 fonts that can be browsed easily through the home page which is user friendly and aesthetically impressive.

8. Search Free Fonts

If you are looking for a certain type of font, say for a particular occasion, but you do not know how to search for it, Search Free Fonts solves your problem with its enormously useful search device. For example, if you are writing a piece on Easter, simply enter Easter or any other key word you can think of, and you will be shown all the appropriate fonts on the website.

Search Free Fonts

9. FontCubes

You can find an exhaustive collection of fonts of all designs, ranging from cursives to gothics, in this site. They also have a good number of children friendly fonts. Also, if you are seeking b=new and innovative dingbats, you’ll find a lot of them at FontCubes.

10. FFonts

For the most amazing bunch of 3D fonts, try the FFonts website. Also, if you want to give your piece a slightly retro look, FFonts has fonts that are reminiscent of the past decades. Go through fonts of the 50’s and 60’s and select the effect that suits your needs best.


Did you find our list of websites useful? Do you know any more nice websites for free fonts? Do leave your suggestions in the comments.

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