Top 5 Excellent Video Editing Apps For Your iOS Device

The days are long gone when making a reasonably attractive video needed you to own a sophisticated video camera and some neat video editing software that you had to buy and that took up half the memory of your computer’s hard drive. These days it is not even required for people to have a Handycam in order to shoot videos, you can do it easily from your smartphone.

Particularly if you have an iPhone, you can actually use it to shoot entire movies. And the best part is that you don’t need to transfer all your video clippings to your computer to edit them and merge them. You can do all that right from your iPhone, with the help of any one of the numerous video editing software’s for iOS available. Apart from editing, these software also let you share your newly perfected video on your YouTube account or any other social networking account, with a single click.

To make your job of choosing your software easier, we have selected five of the best video editing software for iOS. Take your pick according to your requirements, and don’t forget to tell us how you liked the software after all.

1. iMovie

iMovie will top any list of video editing tools for iOS, because it is an Apple product, and it is absolutely comfortable to use this on your iPhone. Not only can you edit videos with this software, you can add still images, music, and sound effects to videos. Create an interesting preview of your film with one of the nine built in trailers, and select from eight awesome built in themes. This app costs just 5 dollars.


2. Pixorial

Pixorial is the ideal app for those people who use their video editors primarily for sharing than for editing. The free version lets you upload to Facebook, YouTube, or any other social networking site. The premium version, that costs 2 dollars, lets you store up to 25 GB of video, and also lets you edit them, with some cool editing features.


3. iSupr8

Very often, the effect you want on your video is not one of modern sharpness, but rather old time shabbiness. iSupr8 is the best app to add old world effects to your movie, making them look genuine. You can use a sepia filter, adjust the frame rate of your video to as low as 12 frames per second, and even put scratches in to your video to give them a retro type feel. This app costs 2 dollars.


4. Splice

The basic Splice software is free, and it gives you some fundamental tools to create your own videos at amateur standard. But if you want to be able to edit videos at a professional level, you will need to download some of the awesome in-apps that Splice provides, priced between one to four dollars. Advanced tools include video trimming, slow motion, and bordering.


5. SocialCam

Another great software to share videos online, SocialCam is totally free. It stores your videos in a cloud facility, allowing you to access them from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Unlike in Pixorial, this app lets you do simple edits as well.


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