Top 5 Most Awesome Photo Editing Apps For Apple iPad

These days, everyone is a photographer. You no longer have to be skilled at wielding a camera and having great timings to create awesome photographs. All you need is a good photo editing software, and you can change the lightings, remove background mistakes, crop pictures to exclude whatever you don’t want, add borders, increase or decrease contrast and brightness, and churn out beautiful masterpieces.

Apple iPad apps

If you own an iPad, your life as a photographer is even simpler; because of all the awesome photo editing apps you can download. Though the older versions of iPad don’t have a camera, but it’s still more fun to edit photos here than on the iPhone, because of the high resolution screen. Here are five awesome apps that will help you turn the most indifferently clicked photograph into a work of art on your iPad. And the best news is that they are all either absolutely free, or really cheap.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is THE photo editing software, the one stop solution for anything you want to do with you photographs. You’ve used it on your computer. Now download it into your iPad for a world of editing and sharing features. You can access your photo and video library through this app without wasting your device’s precious memory. The borders and frames this app has are so carried that you are bound to find one that is perfect for your photo.

Adobe Photoshop Express

2. Photogene

Priced at $3, this app is one you will not regret buying. It lets you play with colors on your photos, like turning them into sepia or black and white. You can use effects like Cinema, Psychadelica, and Vivid, as well as the popular Lomo effect. The only shortcoming is that Photogene does not let you edit parts of photos. Whatever changes you make are applied to the whole.

3. Snapseed

It’s easy to think that the Snapseed app is overpriced, because who on earth wants to pay $5 for a photo editor. Well, we assure, it is not overpriced, in fact it is worth every cent. Snapseed makes editing a piece of cake with its user friendly interface and it’s multitude of features. What we liked best was that it lets you compare between your original picture and the modified one, to see if you want to keep your changes.


4. Fotoeditor

Fotoeditor is another free app from iTunes. It lets you adjust the brightness and contrast, the RGB balance, gamma correction, and rotate or mirror the image or parts of the image. Once you have finished making your changes, you can save i=the new picture to your phone, or alternatively, you can directly share it on Facebook or whatever social network you use.

5. FX Photo Studio HD

At $2, the FX Photo Studio HD is total value for money. It lets you choose your favourite effects so that you can access them with one touch later. It also lets you view the effects in real time even before you click, by making presets. You can even do position specific coloring with this app.

FX Photo Studio HD

So let lose the photographer in you and get ready to create beautiful, memorable photo art with these incredible and affordable photo editing apps.


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