Try out new Feedburner(beta) version

Recently Google launched too many products and services  today one more addition to the list ,Feed burner – Feed management service from Google got new improvements and now you will be able to track real-time status on your feeds.

New feed burner

The new interface on feed burner is in Beta stage only,The new interface will provide  real-time status of your feeds including clicks, views, and podcast downloads.Looks like google collecting user’s experience on new Feed burner interface.

New feed burner real time status

Default dashboard will show you different options in new Feedburner interface including a home and Feed Tab.It was a new experience for me on the new Feed tab,it  will show you an overview of your feed items and top referer click count and many more new features.Looks like some of the google webmaster tool features integrated in to feed burner.

Try new feed burner

just Log in to your feed burner account here,Google will show a new Tab named “Try out NEW (Beta)Version !” on the top of your window near to My on this tab to try the new version.If you are not satisfied with the new version You can switch to the older version of feed burner by clicking the “older version” ta .All are expecting more new services and beta products from Google on this Christmas.

Try out the new feed burner and please leave your views in our comments section.


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