Why Facebook acquired fb.com ?

All expecting Facebook will use FB.com  for some new email service,but it is not going to be a Gmail killer email service,it will be a short  communication service.

There are rumors running in most of the technology blogs that Facebook secret project named “Titan” planning a Gmail killer e-mail service.All expecting some new announcements from Facebook on Monday morning press event.

But this rumor already clarified by Facebook CEO. In June at D8 conference Mark-zuckerberg,Facebook CEO and founder already denied that Facebook not planning any e-mail service.But he pointed that Facebook interested in some short–form communications.Does it mean service similar to Twitter ?

facebook acquired fb.com

FB.com may be get some new communication tool from facebook,If you typed this domain on your browser you can see it is redirecting to facebook.com.wait and see for more surprise.


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