Why Mac Is A Better Option For Small Businesses

If you have just started a small business, chances are that you have simply installed the Microsoft Windows operating system without giving it much thought. Indeed, with the popularity that Windows enjoy, people rarely consider other options.

Apple’s Macintosh OS X is one of those operating systems that get overlooked frequently by people who have not put in a lot of research before installing an OS. This is a pity, because Mac has more to offer us than we can imagine. Mac OS X, as you probably know, can only run on Apple devices, which have better hardware than Windows based computers. While Apple computers can run on both Mac OS X and Windows, PCs can only run on Windows, thus limiting your options substantially.

Though Mac till now was mostly the choice of people in creative professions, more and more business people are becoming aware of its advantages. Here are six reasons why Mac will benefit your small business or startup more than other operating systems:

1. The design makes a good impression

There is nothing like a Mac to make you stand out. Mac hardware today has a very unique and professional look, which fits right into an office environment. It will be clear to visiting clients that you put a lot of thought into design. PC users tend to think of Mac users as creative and quirky people, so your clients, who are, more likely than not, PC users, will see you and your team as out of the box thinkers. Besides, think of this, because of the rarity of Mac users in business, whenever your clients see an Apple ad, they will automatically be reminded of you.


2. iLife is an extremely useful tool

Don’t be fooled into thinking that iLife is only for entertainment; it can have some amazing business uses as well. iLife comprises of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD, and each of these components can be exploited for your business needs. You can make a still image slide show sequence featuring your products or your business principle, using iPhotos. You can create a marketing message with the Garageband audio tool, with underlying royalty free music. Produce your own advertising videos with iMovies, and iWeb can help you build a website for yourself, albeit a simple one.

3. Mac has awesome security

There is no doubt about it, if you are using a Mac, you are way more protected from virus and malware than if you are a Windows user. Since Mac does not run most Windows softwares straight out of the box, it will not be affected by malware present on the internet, and even if viruses do get in, they will not be able to replicate or do any damage because they were programmed to run on a windows system. Even if you accidentally install a malware yourself, Mac has enough antivirus protection to detect the intruder and deal with it.


4. Value for money

Yes, it will take your employees time, and perhaps a bit of training, before they are completely comfortable using their new Macs. But even then, choosing Mac over PC will prove to be an intelligent investment. Mac computers do not crash with even a fraction of the frequency of PC crashes, saving valuable time and maintenance fees. They last longer than PCs. Anything that a PC can do, a Mac can do as well, and usually better and faster.

5. Mac can run MS Office

Most of us have become so habituated since childhood to using MS Office for everything we do, t hat we end up shuddering whenever we think of having to work without it. Shed your fears, you can use MS Office on Mac, and yes, it IS legal. In fact, many users claim that the Mac version of MS Office is actually better than the Windows version, because of its page layout feature that lets you create really handsome documents.

Mac can run MS Office

6. iWork is cooler than MS Office

However, if you can overcome your Microsoft fixation, you will realize that Apple’s office software, iWork, is both better AND cheaper than MS Office. The Pages word processor, Keynote presentation software, and Numbers spreadsheet tool, really run rings around Word, Power Point, and Excel, when it comes to magnificent design and layout. Using iWork will make sure your documents stand out among other generic documents.



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