Windows 8 Powered Nokia Tablet Is Due 2012?

Nokia’s head, Mr. Paul Amsellem has some great news to share. In his interview which made headlines all across the world, he said that his company has planned to embark with 22 percent of market shares with windows phone. So with the ambitious goal, the company would be coming with a windows 8 based tabled exclusively brought to you by the company somewhere in June 2012 or perhaps if the launch delays it may hit in early 2013. This piquant disclosure came into light recently in a newspaper Les Echos, where Paul discussed the impending Lumia 800 launch, with company planning to lure 60 percent of French citizen who do not currently own any smartphone.


Tablet is not a strange thing for Nokia: Nokia cannot be called as a new player as far as the business of tablets is concerned; hence the revelation made by Paul is not seen surprising by people since earlier the CEO of the company Stephen Elop was seen making such predictions. He referred windows 8 as a change element in the tablet world, while he did forecast for a new Tablet to be hitting the world in future. However, he didn’t say anything tangible about the Nokia Tablet with windows 8. The earlier versions like the Linux on ARM 770, N810, and N800 were company’s earlier endeavor to manufacture Internet based tablets unlike the popular products brought by Apple. Though they didn’t turned out to be a big hit unlike the Apple’s products, but with this new tie up with Microsoft it seems that the Finns would have some other stab with this new windows 8 tablet.

The probable windows 8 based tablet: The said tablet likely to be launched in mid 2012 will be build upon the Nokia Lumia 800 having the one touch social media access, IE 9, integrated communication threads and the grouping of contacts. It would come with a 3.7 inch curved display-AMOLED ClearBlack having 1.4 GHz power pack processor for handling images and graphics instantly.

The other features: The other expected features would be the camera of instant share brought for you exclusively by Carl Zeiss optics having high definition video playback and for free music and picture storage you will get 25 GB free storage of SkyDrive having the internal memory of 16GB for users. This model can be called as personalized piece having cover of exchangeable back and is designed to get high quality image and social sharing life with Internet Explorer 9. The color options will be in black and white having back covers with number of color options including, white, black, yellow, cyan and so on.

So with Tablet coming in 2012 or in the early 2013, Nokia is supposed to be back in action. This compelling product is likely to hit the world with a big bang, rather with more fast marketing strategies than in the past. Certainly the company and its people behind this idea are seen proud of this compelling product and would be more pleased to see this device ruling the domain of Tablets.

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