10 Useful Online Tools Every Business User Should Consider

An online business, if you can run it properly, is like a gold mine of profit. But to reap such profit, you need to be able to be able to pour in a great deal of investment of time as well as money. An online business does not flourish by itself, and you may find that a large part of your scheduled time every day is being devoted to manage it.

This is why it is lucky that there are a large number of tools available on the internet that can make management of your online business a piece of cake. Many of these tools are automated, and once you have adjusted the settings, they will take care of various facets of your business, such as interacting with customers, and keeping track of your accounts.

So if you are feeling bogged down by the demands of your online business, I suggest you take a look at the ten cool tools we discuss here, that will certainly make it easier for you to manage your online business.

1. Text The Mob

This tool can be used to create online polls and message boards to collect and disburse information among your clients and visitors. This tool is entirely free. The data thus acquired can be saved and later used in your presentations and analysis.

Text The Mob

2. Clarity Accounting

This software lets you manage your finances and organize your accounts online. Not only is Clarity Accounting extremely uncomplicated and easy to understand and operate, it also lets you access your company’s account from any computer or device in the world, provided you have internet connection.

3. Exploratree

Mind mapping, or setting your ideas out in a non linier way in the pattern of your thoughts, is a very crucial part of business innovation. The Exploratree tool helps you create clear and graphical mind maps and save these maps for future use.


4. Litmos

Litmos is a fun way to organize an online training. Use this software to create trainings that are interesting as well as participative. You can save the trainings you create for your own use or the use of your staff, or alternatively you can sell them to clients.

5. Zen Desk

This really helpful tool will assist you in managing your helpdesk in a centralized way, by providing appropriate software. Zen Desk is really easy to download and use, and it is popular with several famous online businesses.

Zen Desk

6. Skype

Everyone knows about Skype, and many of use it to communicate with family members or friends who live far away. But Skype can also be used to stay in touch with your business associates. An online business can have clients and employees all over the world, and Skype is a brilliant way to hold meetings with them.

7. Aweber

You are going to need an efficient emailing tool to send targeted mails to your clients and subscribers. AWeber is an emailing application that is tailor made to suit the needs of an online business.

8. DocLanding

If you need to share important information with your clients or employees, cloud sharing is a much better option than mailing. DocLanding is a totally safe and secure cloud sharing tool that is ideal for online businesses because it is compliant to financial standards.


9. My Client Spot

My Client Spot acts as a PMS or project management software, by managing projects, clients, products, services, and freelance contractors online.

10. Lattiss

Lattiss is an awesome open ended application that lets you set up and manage appointments and meetings with your clients, and also let your clients ask for meetings with you.


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