5 Entertaining Sites To Enjoy Latest HD Music Videos

Whether you work from home or go to office to earn your living; targets, deadlines, pendencies are few words that seem to be continuously running on the mind. Isn’t it? While working hard to meet the targets, the best option can be checking out the latest music videos and taking a relaxing break. I am definitely not asking you to spare too much of your time for such kinda break but few small breaks are actually revitalizing enough to motivate you to go back to your work with fresh mind thereby increasing the productivity of your work.


Coming to the point; if you are the one who loves watching music videos and is keen enough to keep yourself posted with the latest music tracks then surely you are well acquainted with the most popular website known by the name ‘YouTube’.

Created with end-users in mind, not only YouTube instead there are many websites that provide worldwide audiences with an unparallel experience of the latest music videos and watching latest music videos of our choice is all the more fun.

Here’s the list of five coolest websites that promise to provide free the latest HD music videos; definitely YouTube no matter how popular with all you out there deserves a special mention. So, without much adieu let me begin listing them down.


Owned by Google Inc., YouTube is one destination that each one is well familiar with when it comes to free online music entertainment. Open YouTube and you are into the world of online music and videos. You all surely know that this cool website full of amazing videos has different sections; one of which is entirely dedicated to music. In the music section you will find music videos that can be watched by ‘Genre’, ‘Recommended’, or ‘Popular’ depending on your choice. Also, you can scroll through the charts on the right-hand sidebar to enjoy your favorite tunes.

The official music videos on YouTube are available in high-definition. Sign-up to YouTube and manipulate the settings to enjoy the latest music videos in high definition.


Muzu TV

Muzu.tv is a great resource for watching the latest music videos in high definition. Users can easily sort the videos by Genre, charts, new releases and breaking artists depending on their choice. Also, there are the playlists based on a particular artist, genre or current event. Another added feature is the ‘Video Fight Club’ that sees two videos face off against one another. Doesn’t that sound cool?



Vimeo is an online video website that is somewhat the replica or I must say the Indie version of YouTube. Your guess is right; the website has been included in the list because it provides the users with HD video along with the platform for content creators you wish to showcase their work. There is a HD Music Video Channel which contains the latest and the best HD music videos.


Music Video Genome

Powered by VHX, the Music Video Genome is a cool website that streams its content from sites such as YouTube, Vevo, and Vimeo. The website acts like a music video finder and is labeled Personalized Music Television. All you need to do is open the website and simply type the name of your favorite artist into the search box that is visible on the homepage. A fullscreen stream of continuous music videos of that particular artist appears to make your pick. To watch the videos on HD or not is entirely your take.



Users can enjoy high quality music videos of their favorite artists for free on Vevo. The website offers music videos from three of the four major record labels viz. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI. The website includes an ‘HD Only‘ option for those who want to view music videos in the highest definition.

Simply click the ‘HD Only’ box at the top right hand side of the homepage. Sort the videos by genre, popularity, date or with the help of a slider that lets you select any year. Also, you can create your own playlist; all you need to do is simply sign up and explore.


Certainly, these cool websites will let you enjoy latest cool music videos in high definition to enhance the overall experience and let you enjoy the fullest.

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