How to watch YouTube Videos with out any advertisements

Yesterday during my internet browsing I come across one website called First time I surprised with this website because YouTube have their on website then why we need a website for watching YouTube videos? After spending few minutes on this website I realized the advantages using this website for watching YouTube videos. The best attraction is that you can watch YouTube videos with out any advertisements.

viewpure is clean website where you can watch YouTube videos with out any advertisement. You can search for YouTube videos from ViewPure Itself or you can put the YouTube video link in to the text box on viewpure website in order to watch them. got a live option where you can see what videos are viewed recently by other visitors. More over allows you to share these YouTube videos in a ViewPure URL.You can customize the video size, background, etc. The best feature is that you can protect your link with a password. You can do all this by clicking on the options next to the textbox where you copy the video URL.

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