Generate Strong Passwords – 6 Useful Online Tools

Passwords are used everywhere. You need a password to use your ATM, another one to sign in on Facebook and at many other places as well a number of passwords are used. However, very few people know that passwords are basically of two types- either they are random or pronounceable. The former ones are very difficult to crack as they are made from random alphabets and numbers while the latter ones are quite easy to remember and hence are easy to crack too.

If you think that the password you have chosen for a new account for any website is quite weak then you have come to the right place. In this article you would get to know about some good online tools with the help of which you would be able to create strong passwords on the fly.

Generate Strong Passwords

Random password

Creating random passwords with this tool is very easy and fast. All you need to adjust the two options- non-alphanumeric characters and the length of the password.

Password chart

This tool is quite similar to the witty ways with which we would create passwords when we were in High School. You start by typing a phrase in the tool(prefer a funny phrase you remember) and then you can either print out the chart or you could manually type additional code.

Norton Identity safe password generator

Norton is a renowned company which is known for providing some of the best antivirus software and now they have this new tool with the help of which you can create some really strong passwords. It would not only create the passwords for you automatically but would also see if there are any similar characters in it.

Good password

Good password is another great website which helps a user to create strong passwords. You would be encouraged to use at least 12 characters to create the passwords and also to make it as a combination of symbols, numbers with both upper case and lower case alphabets. You would also get the option of choosing the Typewriter Starting Right or the Typewriter Starting Left type passwords. In the former case the number and alphabets for the password are picked from the right side of the keyboard and in the latter one the left portion is chosen. This is to make it easier for you to remember the password.

Strong password generator

If you are looking forward to get a password fast and easily then this tool is for you. There are no kind of options and settings in this tool to bother you and you would be able to get a good and secure password on the fly. All you need to fill in the tool is the length of the password you want and whether you want to include any symbols in it. When you are done with this it would automatically include symbols, letters and numbers.

GRC Ultra High Security Password Generator

This tool would give you some of the hardest uncrackable passwords which you could use at any place. With this tool you can make a password as long as 64 characters which is perfect when you are to incorporate it into software key system which you are developing.

Hopefully, all the tools discussed would help you to create the type of passwords you are looking for. Always remember that it is very important that you make strong passwords especially when it comes to vital websites like that of internet banking, paypal etc. You can always take the help of these tools for creating tough passwords.

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