Google Drive : Everything You Want To Know

One of the next Biggest Buzz in technology is expected today, As Google going to launch the much talked about Google Drive; The cloud file sharing service.Lot of news already revealed about Google Drive and I hope today will be the last day of such rumors.

Most of the online storage providers now offering more and more cloud services and it looks like Google will revamp their existing Google Docs with Google Drive; The much talked about Google service so far.The offical webpage of Google Drive is expected on but until now it’s not live. interested to know what are the expected features in Google Drive ? then check out !


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Google still not revealed how much storage capacity they are going to provide for free.Most of the technology websites reported that Google Drive will be providing 5GB free storage but the latest report from Reuters claims that Google Drive will be offering extra storage for users who require it and it will be a maximum of 100 GB storage. Amazing isn’t it ? if this was true, Google will be the only cloud service provider to offer 100 GB space for users along with Google Docs except Dropbox.Google Drive additional storage space will be available for users with the  best price list in the industry.

Cross Platform

Google Drive will be coming with multiple platform compatibility, where it will be inter compatible with cross platforms such as PC,Tablet,SmartPhones.All your data on Google Drive can be synced to work on all these cross platforms.Google Drive all set to support Windows,MAC and Android devices.

Secure Service

Security is abing concern these days.Google always offering their services in a secured platform and we hope Google Drive also follow the same way.As you can see the website already showing HTTPS encryption even though it’s not live.

Access Google Drive Using the Same Google Account

If you have a Google account, no need to create an additional Google Drive account for accessing the cloud services.You can use your same old Google account for all the Google Drive offerings.

Google Docs Will be there

As I told before Google maybe do some slight modification to Google docs platform but the Docs service will be there with more rich options.Google Drive  will allow all your google docs data to be synced to your  tablets, smartphones and PC.

Google Drive Apps

Google Drive applications already goes live for MAC OS X.You will be able to download the application from the apple store and you can install too but it will be in idle mode on your device.Presently it showing “Google Drive is not yet enabled for your account.” I think this will be removed once the official launch will take place and google  activate the service from their end.Google may be pushing out the android app too along with the official Google Drive launch.

Just keep an eye on,where the Google Drive service will be going live later today.

Update :  UTC (-06:00 ) Central Time 

Google Drive is now live as we reported before.Most of our expectations are similar after looking in to the brand new Google Drive.Google Drive is revealed with the rumored 5GB free cloud storage. It will take you every where you are on the web whether it is in office,home,on the go it doesn’t matter.Another thing we pointed out today morning that Google Drive will be coming with Google Docs integration and it will give you instant access to edit Google Docs together,it also become a reality.  it’s official now, Google Drive users can upgrade to  25GB space for a monthly fee of $2.50, 100GB for $4.99/month and 1TB for $49.99/month.When you upgrade your account in Google Drive, Google  automatically gives an increased Gmail storage area up to  25GB.


Google Drive coming with more than just a cloud storage; You can share files on Google Drive to exactly  any one you want and if you both wish you can edit the files together from any internet powered device including Mac,PC,Android and Tablets.That is why it’s a big competitor for other cloud service providers such as Dropbox.

Google Drive tracks every change you make to your stored files.When you hit the save button, a new revision is saved. You can look back as far as 30 days automatically, or choose a revision to save forever.

Google also pushed out the Google Drive android application along with the official launch of Google Drive.You can download it straight away from Google Play store. Unfortunately the Apple iPhone and iPad application is still not live.

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