Top 8 Best Free Online Tools For Freelancers

The internet is one of the most important tools which has opened up a new avenue for freelancers around the world and has given them a plethora of opportunities to get work while fulfilling the need for income. The various breed of freelancers that can be found today are bloggers, web site designers and others who find freelancing the best way to stay ahead of the routine life.

Such freelancing community needs a lot of online tools for managing their accounts and also to make their life easier. Some of these online tools are explained below:

Social Networking sites

The various social networking sites like face book, twitter, orkut, myspace and others are an important way by which these freelancers communicate and find potential clients for their work and skills. If a freelancer is adept at providing good service and has the skills than these sites are pretty useful for setting up a clientele and letting things roll.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol services)

Verbal communication is an important part of building your business while instilling trust in your clients. Today there are services (and too free) which allows you to talk over the internet and get on conference calls and meetings with your clients. Having a web cam is an advantage as it helps you to have a face to face discussion with your client and all this comes at no cost. All you need is to register yourself with such services. One of the best examples is Skype.


WordPress is a great CMS (content management system) which lets people have their own blogs and web pages. This system is free and one can download it without having to pay a penny for the same. The ease of the system along with various plugins that are available provides great opportunity for freelancers for creating their own identity and a page on the internet and making their customers trust them.

Go To Meeting

This is another cool tool, which helps you to fix up an appointment or a conference call with your client and that too free. Using this tool one can set reminders and then the system will send reminders at your set time for the meeting or the appointment.

Today freelancers are working globally and their work is not limited to their home country. As such they have to deal with international clients who pay these freelancers in a foreign currency. Xe helps these freelancers in not only foreign currency but also trading or dealing in the same.


This is an online based list which helps the freelancers in setting up there to do list the internet while ensuring that they get reminders at designated intervals. This works like a virtual secretary, only difference being this tool doesn’t speak.


This is another amazing tool which lets you take down your notes on a web based source while saving the same on the internet itself. These notes are easily accessible from anywhere whether it is your smart phone or your computer.

Word Fast

This tool is one of the best that is available for helping with translation of different languages. Again, with the global working scenario translation is necessary and that is where this tool comes handy. The other good thing about this tool is that using it is very simple.

So, we can see that there is no dearth of online tools that are available to make life easier for freelancers but then there is still much work required in this area.

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