20 Web Services To Send Free Fax Online Without The Fax Machine

Fax is an excellent service to send and receive important files and documents worldwide. But fax machines have always been essential for fax. Well, not anymore. There is no need to purchase an expensive fax machine or run to local stores and copy center for faxing when you can fax online for free from home without even requiring any fax machine.

Here is the list of 20 free web services that allow users to send free fax online without the fax machine. Most of the internet faxing services are totally free. But some services are supported by the advertisements on the cover page of the faxes sent due to which the faxes may look unprofessional.



FaxZero is an online fax service that allows users to send free fax in the form of PDF files and Word Documents  to any fax machine around USA and Canada. This fax service doesn’t require any fax machine but a valid email address is required. FaxZero limits its online fax services to its users by allowing them to send twice fax for a day and each time the fax can be only of maximum three pages. Another disadvantage of FaxZero is that it is supported by ads that are displayed on the cover pages of the free faxes that are sent. It prints an ad on the fax cover sheet but leaves the main page uncorrected.


TPC Fax is a simple and  free online HTML fax service. It allows you to send free faxes using either your web browser or via email. Its service covers most large metro areas including cities outside the United States. Its services are compatible with K7.net free fax numbers and faxes can be sent from TPC to K7 numbers.


ScanR is a fantastic online service that turns you camera phone into a digital scanner and a fax machine in your pocket. Here’s how ScanR works: You have to take the picture of the document you want to share with others and then send it to the ScanR email address. Then, ScanR sends it on by fax to the receiver fax machine as .pdf file. There are no charges for their basic services.


PamFax is fully integrated with Skype and allows its users to send some faxes for free in many formats than just PDF and DOC file. It is highly secured as the faxes are sent in fully encrypted form. You have to download and install it in its supported OS environment such as Windows, OS X , Linux and even in Android. It doesn’t send ads on your faxes. It is easy to use and fully reliable.


MyFax allows users to send 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 faxes for free. This free online fax service allows you to send fax over 40 countries such as  United states, United Kingdom , Canada, Argentina, Belgium , Brazil , Czech Republic etc. MyFax allows you to send two faxes per day;10 pages each. It is compatible with many types of file formats and integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

FreePopfax service

FreePopfax service is the free internet faxing service provided by Popfax.com where you can sign up  for a trial and start faxing for free right away from your computer. There is no requirement for any kind of software installation and your documents are kept safe in their system for thirty days.You can send unlimited free faxes to any fax number all over the world. However all free internet faxing will be supported by advertising on the cover pages of the sent  faxes making your faxes unprofessional. In order to send the free fax , you have to simply compose the fax online  or attach one page  document in PDF or DOC format.

Nextiva Fax

Nextiva Fax service allows you to send and receive faxes from any part of the world that has internet access. It is useful for the people who have to send huge volume of faxes as it offers 500 free faxes per month and provides more flexibility on how you want to send and receive the faxes. For example : Fax by E-mail, Fax through Microsoft Office, Fax through you web portal  or Fax through your existing Fax machine.  If the limit of sending free fax is exceeded , then also the cost for sending the additional faxes is low and affordable in comparison to other services .


TrustFax is one of the top online faxing services available in the market. It is simple, easy to use and it is provided with lot of excellent features to provide the best services to its users. It allows its users to send about 250 free faxes per month to over 100 countries. The faxes are sent to the receiver’s email inbox in Adobe PDF format.A file cabinet will store all of your faxes and a fax tracker keeps you updated about the status of the faxes sent. TrsutFax also offers 24/7 email support,a toll free support phone number and a convenient  user forums.

Fax Freedom

Fax Freedom is another excellent online fax service to send , receive , printing and archiving faxes. One of its unique feature is that it offers 800 numbers and vanity numbers or you can even use your own 800 and 888 number when you send faxes through them.


Send2Fax services allow you to send documents as well as images via fax.It allows its users to send 100 free faxes per month. The image formats supported by its faxing service are TIF, JPG,GIF and PNG files.

RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax service allows its users to send 150 free faxes per month. It comes with most advanced fax features available anywhere at no extra charge.You will be able to send and receive faxes in a snap – from Microsoft Office, email or your phone. It also provides free fax software to electronically sign and edit faxes and design cover pages. It is PC and Mac compatible. A desktop call controller helps in managing all of your faxes.


GotFreeFax service is free online faxing service for US and Canada. You can send 2 free fax per day with each fax having maximum of 3 pages via GotFreeFax.com. You can send the fax through it in a simple and easy way. You have to  just type the message in the text box provided or simply upload the files to be faxed for processing. Currently it supports PDF (.pdf) file format , Word 97-2003 (.doc), and  Word20o7 (.docx) file format only.


eFax allows a 30 day free trial where you can send fax online 50 pages and receive up to 130 pages at no charge. You can send and receive faxes via email as email attachments  eFax supports file formats such as PDF, TIFF, EFX and many more. You can receive faxes on multiple accounts. It allows you to fax from your mobile phone also.


Interpage allows you to send free faxes to anywhere in the US in its 7 day trial service. It supports various file formats such as DOC,PDF, Unicode , HTML, Microsoft Office etc.

Free FAX Button

Free FAX Button allows you to send free faxes to over 30 countries. You can send two free faxes per day to the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. The faxes are sent as emails. But you cannot upload files to the faxes.

Free POP Fax

Free POP Fax allows you to send free faxes to US and 45 other countries. The service is supported by advertising on the cover pages of the free faxes sent. You can compose the fax online or attach a one page document.


FreeFAX allows you to send free faxes to virtually any part of the world for free. Registration is not required for sending free fax online. But after being its member ,you can also receive fax via email, create custom fax sheets or group fax.


FaxOrama allows you to send free faxes to anywhere in North America. It allows you to send maximum of 2 documents per day each with 5 pages. The file formats supported by its service are .DOC , .DOCX , .RTF, .GIF,. JPG,.JPEG,.PDF ,.XLS and many more. Like others , it is not supported by the advertisement on the cover page of the fax. It only comes with listed on your faxcoverpage is the FaxOrama.com logo and the information about your fax.


Wonderfax is free virtual UK fax number that receives your fax. You need to signup to get a free Wonderfax number where all the faxes are collected when they are sent to you. Then they are converted to a PDF attachment and forwarded directly to your email. After you have received the faxes , you can simply treat them like any email and you can file , forward or print them.

MessageNet – Online Free UK/Italy services

MessageNet is a free fax service for Italians to send fax to an email services to UK and Italy. However you can send 3 free faxes per month only and it requires email to activate their services.

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