Where To Get A Free Domain?

Today I will guide you how to get your free domain name from few reputed  domain name service provider’s ! There is only  few domain registrars on the planet;they proving free domain name  (sub domain) for life.These domain will look like a paid domain name having features includes all that of a paid domain. The services from these companies are awesome! Check out the number one free domain name service providers and their free features.


Co.cc Free Domain Name

This is the leader in free domain name service .As per their web records it shows that almost 4,916,337 websites running on their domain and the list still counting in a fast phase. Only you need to sign up with Co.cc and enjoy the freedom.

Co.cc allows you to map your domain name with Google ad sense, blogger, windows live, Google application, web hosting etc. All you need is to just signup for the free service. After sign up check your preferred domainname.co.cc available or not if it is available continue with registering it in your name. You need to setup your domain in 48 hours otherwise they will cancel your domain.

After registration you can go to your domain name setup page and you can manage the DNS zone ,zone records, domain forwarding etc. if you are new to all these better take any help from other guys.

Co.nr Free Domain Name

Co.nr  project was initiated for providing Free Domain Names or Free Sub domain of .CO.NR domain name to those who wish to get a cool address for their brand new or existing buisness.Co.nr  allows you to host your website anywhere you want and they not going to charge anything for their service neither they will not show any advertisements on your hosted domains.

Co.nr service also providing free URL redirection Free URL Cloaking, Free Path Forwarding,META tags support, Favicon support , Google Webmaster Tools,Yahoo! Site Explorer tools and much more.

Move your Blogspot blog to Yourdomain.co.cc

Are you bored with your Blog Spot domain name? if yes then change your Blog Spot address to your own domain for free .Co.cc allows you to forward your Blog Spot address to “Yourdomain.co.cc”.To move your blogger blog just go to domain setup page on your Co.cc account go to the second option zone records and add a record give the value to ghs.google.com and host to Yourdomain.co.cc.Noe go back to blogger and log in to your account click on switch to custom domain and go to advanced settings. Put your Co.cc Domain name and save the settings. Make sure you put tick mark on Redirect robott.co.cc to www.robott.co.cc .Everything over! Go to your browser navigation bar and put your free domain address .Sometimes it takes few hours to see the change because of the DNS name server change.

If you are able to spend around one dollar you can get .com ,.net or .org or any other top level domain names  from 1&1  Internet registrar.1and1.com is the leader in domain and hosting solutions and millions of customer relay on their services.

Problems with free domain name

There are lot of issues with free domain names but if you are in a  learning path it’s always encouraged to get the free domain name.Here we are trying to list out some of the disadvantages of having a Free domain name.

Using these domains will not give you any SEO benefit from search engines such as Google,Yahoo,Bing.If you are using free domain name for your business,you will not get full control over your domain moreover there is chance of getting your domain name banned if you broken any terms and conditions of these websites. Terms and conditions will be renewed on time to time .You can use these domain names if you not happy with your Blogspot or WordPress.com free blog address. Better read the Terms and Conditions of these websites before sign up

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