7 Great WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

The reach of internet has also given birth to different systems on which websites are made. WordPress is amongst the most popular CMS (content management system) with almost 22% new web pages being made using WordPress. This system has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in May of 2003. This  system comes with WordPress plugins, which enables the users of the system to use the system in a much better way and beyond the initial capacity of the initial base system.


Some of the best WordPress plugins available for web masters are as mentioned below, though the list is not exhaustive;

Plugins related to Social Media

Social media today is one of the best available traffic generators for any website and the same is very much understood by not just the web masters but also the corporate sector. The plugins that are present with every social media site can be used effectively for creating a user base for the web sites.

WordPress Disqus Plugin

This is a 3rd party system which gives the rights to any user having a Disqus account to place comments on the web page. This WordpPress Plugin also helps the Disqus account holder to log in on the web page using their accounts with other social networking sites.

Alinks – which helps turn your key words into links

This WordPress Plugin helps the keywords that one puts into their blog posts into links which do not need any html version or capability. All one needs to do is ensure that the concentration of keywords is enough for them to be visible in the blogs. This is one of the most important plugins which is used for SEO (search engine optimization) service and this saves a lot of time for the user.

Google XML Sitemaps

This Plugin comes handy when the site map of your website is being feed in the Google web masters tool. This tool works automatically by updating the sitemap on its own.  This takes place every time the blog maintained by you is updated.

Global Translator- for providing free translation and indexing

The intelligent and global web masters today understands the need of having a web master which can be translated into other languages apart from the native language in which the web page is originally created. This WordPressPlugin helps translate the web page into different languages that are in use around the world and thus makes your web page more users friendly and accessible to the world traffic of internet users.

WordPress Plugin for shoppers

This WordPress Plugin works hand in hand with other WordPress plugins and helps create an easy to use e commerce site using which one can sell goods and services. This Plugin can be easily used as it comes with a plethora of support and documents.

WordPress  Plugin for sharing the page

This WordPress Plugin helps create a “share” tab on the web page which enables the user of the web page to share the content on any social media or other site easily. One can share the same on facebook, twitter, etc with ease and thus this helps in generating of traffic on the web page in a very easy manner.

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It can be safely concluded by mentioning that though there are a lot of plugins available on the internet which can be used for WordPress but then their intelligent use is an important aspect. An intelligently used Plugin will help the web site in a positive manner, always.

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