Download Google Chrome 11 Beta

Looks like Browser war is still on. As we reported earlier Mozilla pushed out much awaited stable Mozilla Firefox 4 and Promised to launch Firefox 5 soon. Microsoft also released their stable version of Internet Explorer 9. Now look at Google chrome, they gone one more step; Pushed out Beta version of Google Chrome 11.

Google Chrome 11 beta comes equipped with support for HTML5 speech input API.I think a new approach where users can talk to their browsers and they will get proper response from it. Sounds good? Looks like all web developers will now embed this feature in all their websites and you can simply click on the icon to enable the speech feature.


The second main attraction on Chrome 11 Beta version include  support for  GPU-accelerated 3D CSS and hence support websites using 3D effects using CSS.This is the initial beta for Google Chrome 11 so test it with your own risk. You can download the beta version of Chrome 11 from here.


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