Easily Defrag Windows 10 PC

In order to run your PC smoothly and efficiently you can use the windows build in tool named defragment tool. Using this tool you can defragment those fragmented files on your hard drive and speed up your computer efficiently.

Most of the previous windows operating systems got the ability to automatically defragment the files for you on a schedule. In windows 10 too we got the same features but it is better to do it manually and verify on weekly basis. This defragmentation will definitely help extend your mechanical hard disc life time.
Defragment Your Hard Drive

Step 1: You can easily open the disk optimization tool by searching for ‚Äúdefrag” in the taskbar.Defrag-Windows-OS

dddStep 2: Select the drive partition on your PC, which need to be optimized.

Step 3: Click on analyze then click optimize button to execute the task.
Step 4: Check the current status to see the percentage of defragmented files.
Step 5: Restart the PC and start using the speedy windows OS.

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