Facebook Messenger Application for iDevices will go after Facetime and iMessage ?

As you know we reported yesterday that Facebook pushed out new messaging application for both android and Apple iPhone. At first look most of the geeks believed that it is only a messaging application from Facebook to take on with Apple’s much awaited iMessage that is going to be released this fall but 9to5 Mac reporting that one of their readers has discovered video components in Facebook Messenger iPhone application, it’s a clear sign of Facebook Video Chat facility that Facebook will add soon to the Messenger application in the future.

 If Facebook coming with Video calling option for Facebook messenger, Apple’s Facetime will be in trouble! Because Facebook already released the Video calling feature integrated with Skype for their website. That means 700 million Facebook users will get benefited in two ways and iPhone users will start using Facebook Messenger Video chat instead of Apple’s Facetime feature, Because of the cross-platform compatibility of Skype’s video calling.



Do you believe Facebook will come with Video calling feature for their “Facebook messenger” application?



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