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Travel writing or travel blogs make excellent reading, especially for those of us who are too lazy or too busy to actually go anywhere, and prefer to partake of vicarious pleasure through reading other people’s account of their travels.

However, those among our readers who actually like travelling and visiting interesting places in person, will promptly point out a basic flaw in these travel writings. While they luxuriantly describe the beauty of a place, the habits of its people, the nuances of its culture, the scrumptiousness of its foods, and also bring alive these details in our mind with beautiful photographs, there are a lot of practical issues that travel blogs do not address.

Dcovery App

Travelogues will tell you what the best tourist attractions of a place are, and what the best time is to visit them. But what if you just want answers to some basic questions, like “How do I get there” and “Where can I stay”. No doubt the information is there in the blog somewhere, but you’ll have to hunt for it, and you can be sure it won’t be easy to find. For instance, if you want to go to Gangtok, you may have to read through pages and pages of descriptions eulogizing the beauty of the Himalayas and the north eastern states, before you find the name of the train, or the highway number, that will take you to your destination. This is why travelers prefer to put their trust in guide books rather than travel writings, so that they can get important information at a glance.

However, this distinction between readers of travel blogs, and actual travelers, may soon be a thing of the past, with the gaining popularity of an iPhone app called Dcovery. Dcovery aims to process travel writing and travel blog posts to give an output of exact and practical information required by people on the move.

The Dcovery app assists users by gathering ideas about travel destinations, of its own accord, from various websites, attaching other important pieces of information such as addresses, phone numbers, days open, hours, train/flight information, maps, & anything else that is relevant, and syncs all this information in your phone, all ready to be used when ypu need it.

You install a tiny bookmarklet on the bookmark tab of your browser, and whenever you read a travel post about a place you would like to visit some day, you just have to launch the bookmarklet, and a list of the places mentioned in the article will be automatically generated, to which you can add any missed name, by highlighting it in the article. The Dcovery app will take care of the rest, by finding reliable information about the places and adding them to the list.

All the information generated can now be accessed offline by your iPhone, along with an excerpt of the original post. Unfortunately, browser based access is not yet available for this app, so you will certainly have to depend on your phone. Another amazing feature of this tool is that, once it is uploaded, if you flip your phone to a horizontal position, the venue name and address will be shown in the local language, along with phonetic pronunciations, of the place in question. This will make your commute much easier, especially on taxis.

The purpose of the Dcovery app is to help users avoid stressing over travel planning, by bringing all the information you need in one place, without any need to Google, or pour over maps. It is a must have tool for travel buffs, all the more if they are the type who enjoy reading travel articles.


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