Get AVG Antivirus Removal/Uninstall Tool For PC

Computer Viruses, backdoors viruses, rootkits, spyware,worms, Trojan horses, and malware are a real issue these days and if you don’t have any security software installed on your computer,there is a good chance for hackers to expose and take control of your computer.Antivirus softwares or Virus removal tools are a must on any PC to fix the problems caused due to any type of virus attacks.

AVG is one of the free antivirus software out there for PC.Most of the people those who don’t want to pay for any antivirus software finally land on AVG,only because it’s claiming it’s totally free to use.


As far as my experience AVG is totally annoying,it’s a free antivirus software but it really annoying the users with POPUP’s .This is the main reason I uninstalled AVG antivirus from my PC.

First I tried uninstalling AVG from my PC as the normal way we remove applications/softwares from our computer but AVG not allowing to remove it from my pc.Then I gone for an official help and I Come across the official AVG removal tool.

The official AVG uninstaller tool will  remove all the instances of the AVG  program from your computer  and it’s registry entries with in quick time.If you faced any failed un-installation of AVG antivirus or any AVG product then you can try the official AVG remover tool.You can download AVG remover from below link.Once downloaded run the application as an administrator.

Download AVG removal tool from here.[ Official Link ]. There is 32 bit and 64 bit versions.This tool is last updated on march 2012,means it will work on all AVG versions till date.

once finished everything restart your computer immediately and look for any other professional antivirus or install any premium version of AVG.

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