Google Launched “Flight Search” Service

Lot of things happening at google! Google today launched the “flight Search” service based on technology from ITA Software, that Google Acquired in July 2010 for US$700 million.

Now onwards when ever you start flight-related queries on Google main page you will get an airplane icon labeled Flights in the results page left-hand column. If any one clicks on that they will be taken in to the new Google “flight Search” service page. If you want to go directly to the new Google “flight Search” service visit

Google “flight Search” service interface is optimized for faster search results and I love the simple and neat user interface. I tried out Google “flight Search” service and look promising with extremely fast results and ability to accommodate the frequent modifications to flight elements.


Presently Google “flight Search” service only available for US locations.Looks like Google “flight Search” service will be the new competitor for major airlines and online travel agencies.



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