How to Block or Remove Facebook Ticker ?

 If you already used Facebook today, you may be noticed the new ticker option on the right side of your Facebook window. If you are not seeing this ticker window you will be able to see this very soon.As we reported earlier Facebook will do some testing of new features this week and today they started the new ticker window to some users and it will be available to all Facebook users gradually.

Ticker is the new feature that Facebook added today and it will display live feed of your entire friend’s activity on the account sidebar and the Application sidebar.Facebook Ticker is much similar to Twitter live feed options, where it is updated the moment when your friend likes a photo, comments, befriends someone, clicks on a link, shares stuff or anything for that matter.


Facebook presently allowing users to adjust the new ticker window for their size and also for their privacy. But the Facebook community got lot of bad comments to the new Facebook ticker and most of them want it to be removed or disabled from their account. Most of the telling that Facebook Ticker is ridiculous and annoying feature that Facebook ever got. This thread on Facebook community, lead me to show you how to disable the new Facebook ticker updates. We got two options to Block Facebook Ticker updates. look at one by one.


Option 1 to block Facebook Ticker

Step 1: Download the third party script from here.

Step 2: Install this script and it will hide the ticker Stream on the right side of Facebook account and application pages.

You are done with in no time. Please make a note that this is a third party script and normally we not recommend you to use these option but all depends on you.

Option 2 to block Facebook Ticker

Step 1: Download and install Google Chrome or Firefox web browser on Your Computer

Step 2:  Install “AdBlock Plus”   Add On for Firefox  and    Chrome

 Step 3: Now go to the preference in AdBlock plus and click “Add Filter”.

 Step 4:  To remove the new “Facebook account Ticker” paste in:[class=”homeFixedTicker”] and for removing “Facebook Application Ticker” add in:[class=”fixedAux”] and click OK

Update: Option 3 to remove Facebook Ticker

One more option we are adding but this works only if you are using Google Chrome browser.Visit

How To Remove Facebook Ticker Completely Using Facebook News Ticker Remover Extension for Google Chrome

You are done. New Facebook ticker block on you account and application page will be blocked now.Let me know which option is working for you ?


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