How To Fix : WebKit2WebProcess.exe Has Stopped Working On Safari Browser

As you know, l am a big fan of Google chrome and still using it as the default browser on my windows 7 64 bit PC.But the recent Google chrome issues such as the Shockwave plugin error and the No data received error on Chrome made me to switch to Apple Safari browser,with a hope that it will work perfectly.Unfortunately it doesn’t !

Shortly I decided to test out the Apple Safari browser.I installed safari and started using it for 2 days, suddenly it started annoying me with a popup message WebKit2WebProcess.exe has stopped working  and every time this error message pops up the safari browser goes down and all the pages data will refreshed and all my sessions will be lost. Really annoying isn’t it ?


I gone for apple support forums and some of the members insisted me to remove all apple components and do a fresh install on my computer.I removed all my safari installation using the uninstaller software and done a complete reinstall of the same version of safari for windows, thinking that the problem will be solved.unfortunately the issue not solved. WebKit2WebProcess.exe has stopped working window started pops up everytime I do any serious work.

WebKit2WebProcess.exe  is not a windows core file.It is  coming along with some third party apps such as Apple safari or other, also this file is signed by Verisign.Means It is certified by a trustworthy company but in some cases few malware camouflages itself as WebKit2WebProcess.exe

Things You need to do now !

Step 1 :  Do a complete system scan with your antivirus and once finish you can  go to task manager and check the process WebKit2WebProcess.exe  is running or not ?If yes, the WebKit2WebProcess.exe  process will be eating up all your memory and  leading to the heavy CPU usage.


Step 2 : Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, and uninstall Apple Application Support along with Safari and iTunes.


Step 3 . Do a complete reinstallation using the older version of safari until Apple pushes out new update for safari for windows.

To minimize the problem associated with webkit2web.exe,My suggestion is to better turn off  “RSS” in Safari preferences.You can do this by clicking  Preferences -> RSS -> don’t check “Automatically update articles in” both “bookmarks bar” and “bookmarks menu”.

In my case the issue has been solved  after removing the apple application support.Let me know if you too facing similar issues with safari on windows.


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