How to Help Your Friends to Switch to Gmail – Email Intervention

I‘m using Gmail from the third month when it came out and I already invited all my friends to Gmail,But still some of them not switched to Gmail.The Folks at Gmail team recently build an easy website for those who want to save their friends from outdated e-mail by staging an intervention. I already send an Email intervention to my old friends who still not using Gmail.If you want to send and Email intervention go through the easy process.

Step 1: Go to email intervention website and click on start the intervention.


Step 2: Now Sign in to your Gmail account

Step 3: Grant to access your Google contacts.


Step 4: Now you will get a list of friends from your contact list,who not switched in to Gmail.

 Invite to Gmail

Step 5: Select all friends that you want them to be on Gmail and click next

Step 6: You will now get three message formats select one and customize further if you want and Click on preview to see your intervention.

 Send Gmail invitation

Step 7: Now Click on the send to finish you job.

If you are still not understood what is Email intervention! Then check out the Video below.


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