How to Play Games on Google Plus ?

As you know Google recently added Games on their brand new social networking platform Google plus. Yesterday I got Games button on my Google Plus profile and I was really excited that time to play Angry Birds on my Google Plus. I started playing straight way and reached the 10th level of Angry Birds on my Google plus profile. Later I decided to share my experience with games on Google plus and I hope it will help you to play games on Google Plus.

How to get started with Games on Google Plus ?

All you have to do is go to the Games button on your Google Plus profile; it will be a small multi-colour cross icon after circle button in your Google Plus tab area. When you click on the games button Google will open list of featured games in random order. If you want to see all the Games on Google plus just click on “All Games”.


Once you found your favourite game just mouse over it and you will get a Play bottom. Click on this play button to start that particular game on Google Plus. Once you click Play button first time Google will ask you for giving permission to Application for accessing you Google Pus profile information.


To continue click on allow access and the game will be loaded instantly. Once you started playing games at any time you can go back to games tab on Google plus by clicking “Back to games” button on left side top corner of your Google Plus Profile.

I hope you also got the new games button on Google Plus .Please Share your thoughts and comments on “Google Plus games” with us.

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