How to Add Dynamic View’s to Blogger blog ?

Google Blogger team is working hard and always looking to bring something new to the Blogger’s community. Today Google added some awesome features to Blogger, now you will be able to use some cool fancy layouts and styles on your Blogger powered blogs.Google just pushed out new Dynamic Views for Blogger and using this bloggers can change the way they blogging with the use of some buttons. Now no need to use the old blog templates or new one to modify or switch to different skin.


Dynamic Views for Blogger Built with the latest in web technology including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.Dynamic Views from blogger is a unique browsing experience that will inspire your readers to explore your blog in new ways. The interactive layouts make it easier for readers to enjoy and discover your posts, loading 40 percent faster than traditional templates and bringing older entries to the surface so they seem fresh again.

Blogger’s New Dynamic Views allows you to change your blog style instantly with awesome features including infinite scrolling, search, sorting options, more posts and many more. I tried it on my blog spot blog and it looks promising once again promising.

How to Add a Dynamic View to your Blogger blog ?

You can add Dynamic View as easy as changing your Blogger Template.

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger account

Step 2: Click on the template tab on your dashboard

Step 3: Select which view you want to set as default dynamic view. You can choose from Magazine,Mosaic,Sidebar,Snapshot,Timeslide,classic and flipcart options.You will see the instant changes to your blog on bottom window.


Step 4 : Once done, click on the apply to blog button and you are  done! If you want to customize the dynamic views further ,you can do it by uploading a header image and customizing  the background colors.

Google promising that they will soon add some customization options to Blogger Dynamic view. Let’s wait and see ! Do you love the new Dynamic views on Blogger? Please share your opinion in our comments section.



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