How To Turn Off Text Notifications From Facebook?

Facebook Text Message notification on cellphone is a good way to be in touch with your friends, colleagues and get the latest updates from them even though you have limited access to Internet.

Facebook Text Notifications – Why Make It Off

Facebook Text Notifications is good feature and they are almost going to replace your outdated text messaging apps on your cellphone with Facebook messenger App. But do you really need it ?

In some way it is a good feature but some of the users like me don’t like it because once you enabled the Facebook Text Notifications then you will get irritated with the text notifications on your mobile. It will be more irritating if you are a person with tons of followers or friends on Facebook.

Another thing is that your cellphone service provider may eat your money for those Facebook text notifications.

How To Turn Off Facebook Text Message notifications on Mobile Phone

To turn off Text notifications of your Facebook updates on your mobile phone you need to adjust your text notifications from Facebook: Follow below steps to do that.

  • Click the privacy button/ account button at the top-right corner and select Settings
  • Click Notifications on the left.
  • Select Text Messaging and click on the edit button available right side.

    Facebook Notifications

  • From here, you can adjust your text notifications even turn it off completely.Stop facebook notification
  • Once done save the settings and you successfully turn off Facebook notifications.

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