LibreOffice 4.1.4 Released With More Than 90 Bugs Fixed – Update Now

LibreOffice, the most widely used open source office productivity application just updated to version 4.1.4 with more than 90 bugs fixed from the last release version 4.1.3.

LibreOffice is available for both Windows and Linux platforms but it is popular among Linux users especially on the Ubuntu Linux operating system. If you look, you will find the present industry trend favoring LibreOffice, for example the global corporations and governments are switching to this open source and affordable office productivity suite over the Microsoft’s office application.

If you still not tried the LibreOffice, then you can download the official installation setup from this download page.

We already upgraded LibreOffice to the latest version on our Ubuntu workstation and now it’s feels better compared to the previous releases.


Looking to upgrade the version on Ubuntu Linux, then open the terminal window and execute below commands to upgrade to LibreOffice 4.1.4. This will install the required PPA and the second command will update your system and upgrade LibreOffice.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-4-1    

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Here comes some of the LibreOffice 4.1.4 changes that were added and fixed with this release:

  • Explorer shell extension: Thumbnail generation slow on network drives
  • FILEOPEN: XLS Calc warns of macros, but there are no macros in doc
  • Agenda and Web Page Wizards don’t work on Windows
  • FILESAVE] I/O ERROR when saving document on a network file
  • Other: Using formula wizard and help causes crash

If you want to know what exactly changed in the version LibreOffice 4.1.4 then head over to the official change log information here.

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