The Amazing Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Now Available For Free

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular program for creating and modifying images for the web.Adobe just pushed out the latest beta version of Photoshop CS6;the much awaited photoshop version.

Adobe pushed out Photoshop CS6 Beta with lot of new enhanced features,I was on the new photoshop few hours before and I must say this was the update, we wanted for a long time.The main attraction include the new graphic engine,new speedy streamlined user interface to save lot of time for professionals.

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In my very first look I found a new tool named content-aware will be handy if you want to clone out or repair a part of the image using another part of the source.Now the tricky blending will be more easier becaseu of the new photoshop algoritham.


Another silly and simple update I found in my first look is in the crop section,Crop tool is the most essential  and constant tool that most of the Photoshop users use every time.In Adobe Photoshop CS6 will be getting a new powerful crop feature backed by the Photoshop’s new graphic engine called mercury.Crop also incorporates a precision straighten tool ,you can use this tool to draw along a straight line on the photo and it will know how to exactly rotate the final image.

Adobe also revamped one of my favorite section;I hope your favourite too “ shadows and highlights “ Most of the tools got revamped in Adobe Photoshop CS6 but due to lack of time we are not covering all in detail here. So far I’m really impressed with the changes adobe bought to the new CS6 .All these changes will save lot of  time and money for photographers and designers.

You can try out the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta  for totally free;Take your chance now!  maybe you will not be getting it free for later 🙂

Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta from Adobe labs.

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