Make Windows Load Faster By Disabling All Startup Programs With Whatinstartup

People,Including me  install lots of applications in our  windows system according to our requirements and easy of use. Most of these programs will be like antivirus software, messengers and other easy to use applications.Nowadays most of the third party softwares has the ability to automatically get started when the windows loads.This increases the windows startup time and also makes your PC work very slow.

Today we will introduce you one light weight free windows application named Whatinstartup that makes your windows load faster by disabling the windows startup options and makes your computer load faster.

Whatinstartup windows App is one of the simple and portable utility I found to disable the startup apps from your windows PC.Since its a portable application, you don’t need to install the application to make changes over your windows startup options.

The application comes in a Zip package,just download it and open.You will  see the list of startup programs on your Windows computer. Now you can disable all the unnecessary windows startup programs leaving behind only few and necessary programs like the antivirus programs, Dropbox (basically for me). Now every time you open Windows, the only necessary programs will get opened and remaining will stay idle which will surely improve windows startup time.


The program also have other useful features like – users can view each program’s properties (in an HTML format if desired), and there’s a search feature for users who have a lot of processes to sift through. The operation of the program is pretty easy, which is good for users who knew a very less about computers.

You can download this simple Windows utility from here.

This post is specially dedicated  for those who don’t know much about any windows tweaking.Advanced users will find more easy ways to make your PC load faster.


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