Top 10 Free Software Every Windows PC User Should Install

First off, let me offer you my congratulations on getting a Windows PC. Windows is considered a very vanilla and bland operating system, but it is one of the most hassle free and low maintenance OS you can opt for. Windows is fast, takes up little memory, and is good at managing background services. File and data sharing is also much simpler on this platform. And as non-technical users would point out, it has simply the most user friendly user interface.

Windows PC

But the nicest part of using a Windows PC, in my opinion, is the huge number of free softwares and apps you can download and install. Because of the world wide popularity of Windows, the greatest number of open source softwares is developed for this particular operating system, and quite a few of them are absolutely free.

But how do you decide which softwares are going to be helpful for you and which would just sit in your hard drive and take up space? Well, to help you make your decision, we bring you a list of ten awesome free softwares that you simply must install into your Windows PC.

1. Microsoft Security Essential

You are certainly going to be on the lookout for a good antivirus software for your PC, to protect it from malware infection. Well, you need not look any further than Microsoft’s own virus protection software, which, apart from being totally free, is as efficient as any of the other big names in this field. Microsoft Security Essential offers a shield against the most advanced viruses, malwares, and spywares.

Microsoft Security Essential

2. Ninite

Before you put other softwares in your Windows PC, be sure to install Ninite, as this will make the job of selecting other apps for download much easier. This helpful installation software displays a wide variety of other softwares in one window, each represented by its icon. You simply have to select the softwares you want by checking them, and Ninite will install them for you. It is a great way to save time and effort, by installing all your apps at once.

3. Easeus Partition Master

Now that your antivirus and installer are in place, it is time to split your disk into a number of logical sections called partitions. This helps keep your files organized, create backup, and maintain performance speed. If you do not know how to create partitions through the disk management console, the Easus Partition Master software can help you make partitions, as well as manage, resize, and delete them. Even for pro users, this tool will be handy for merging and splitting partitions in a minimum number of steps.

4. Macrium Reflect

All editions of Windows will not let you create a system image with the built in backup and restore tools. This is why the Macrium Reflect is an essential part of your computer. It creates a system image and ensures that it stays updated at regular intervals. This prevents any loss of data or drivers from your system.

Macrium Reflect

5. CCleaner

Unless you purge your system of its temporary files at regular intervals, it will tend to get sluggish and slow. CCleaner will routinely carry out maintenance on your Windows PC and get rid of temporary files and data. Cookies, internet history, and other temporary internet files will not get a chance to get bloated with this tool on your system. CCleaner is constantly updated, so it just keeps on getting better.

6. PC Decrapifier

With all the excellent softwares in this list that you are downloading, your Windows PC might start to get a bit heavy, but don’t be flummoxed as to where to get extra space from. Did you know that your brand new Windows PC is chock full of softwares that are proprietary in nature or just plain useless? PC Decrapifier, in case the name is too subtle for you, can get rid of the crap files on your PC in a blink. All you have to do is check the programs you want uninstalled.

7. Revo Uninstaller

An amazingly more efficient alternative to the program manager on the control panel of your Windows PC is the Revo uninstaller software. Unlike the default Add/ Remove Program tool, the Revo Uninstaller tool gives a much more detailed summary of the various programs you have on your computer, including when it was used last, for what purposed, and whether it could successfully complete the task.

Revo Uninstaller

8. Recuva

Now that the three useful file and program deleters, namely CCleaner, PC Decrapifier, and Revo Uninstaller, are in place, you run a real risk of accidentally deleting an important file or a useful program. Safeguard yourself against such a risk by installing Recuva. Recuva is a brilliant software to recover deleted data on your computer. So even if you have hit shift + delete and sent your file into oblivion, Recuva can bring it back.

9. VLC Media Player and Google Chrome/ Firefox

I know I harped on about the advantages of the Windows PC earlier, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can do much better than Windows media Player or Internet Explorer. Download the most trusted media player and internet browser in the very beginning, through your Nunite window.

10. Dropbox

Though we saved it for the last, Dropbox could easily become your favorite software out of the ones we discussed here. It is the best place for you to save your data on the cloud for free. Not only does it maintain a backup of your crucial files, you can enable folder sharing and share movies, music, or other files with your friends.


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