Microsoft Internet Explorer will Be Getting Automatic Updates Very Soon

I think this is one of the important news we missed out last week due to limited  access to mail and internet for few days. Any way some of you may be already read this news some where but let me brief it once again.

Microsoft Internet Explorer still top’s the market compared to other web browsers but most of the modern web browsers growth rate is far better than Internet Explorer such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firebox. If I am correct, Google is the first one to  realize the importance of automatic update for web browsers and they implemented it very soon on Google Chrome. Lately Mozilla also realized the fact and followed Google chrome browser and pushed out automatic update feature for Mozilla Firefox.Lately most of the modern browsers followed it.

Why Automatic update for Web browsers ?

Automatic update for web browsers will help service providers to fix the security loop holes in their software before it hurt the user computer.  Automatic update will be the best way to keep our web browsers up to date,Bug free  also it will protect us from known malware attacks.


Last week Microsoft also announced the plans for automatically update their internet explorer versions. In coming weeks all the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users will be migrated to the latest stable channel of internet explorer. Means IE6,IE7,IE8 users will be upgraded to internet explorer 9.

The Automatic update for internet explorer will be first start from Australia and Brazil then it will be expanded to other countries as well. Microsoft also updated in the announcement that any user who declined the previous internet explorer update through windows update will not be updated any more. Also note the users who have disabled automatic update in windows will not receive this update.

We advice you to update your windows internet explorer to the latest version as soon as possible.If you want to manually download internet explorer 9 then you can do it from here.

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