Mozilla Will Soon Launch SmartPhone OS based on Android Kernel

Everyone knows Mozilla, the Backbone of Popular Web browser Firefox. Mozilla recently revealed the preliminary plans for Mobile Operating System. This universal-platform will be named Boot to Gecko (or B2G).

Boot to Gecko will feature the Linux-based Android kernel and device drivers beneath a custom user interface and application stack based on Gecko, the Firefox and Thunderbird HTML rendering engine.


Mozilla research engineer Andreas Gal states say’s the project still on it’s initial stage even though they have a demo up and running. He added that the goal is to create an HTML5-driven web environment where HTML5 apps can offer the same functionality as traditional apps. Like Google’s Chrome OS, B2G will be a complete standalone OS entirely dependent on the open web. Thus, Mozilla will provide a set of B2G APIs for building HTML5-based apps that access device telephone, SMS, camera, USB, Bluetooth, NFC and other features.

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