PayDragon: The Best Way To Pay At Restaurants With Your Smartphone

If you are a foodie and eat out often, whether going out for lunch from the office, or taking your spouse out for a romantic dinner, you have probably wished at some point that you could just enjoy your food, and leave all the bother of picking out the restaurant and dealing with the bill to somebody else. Unfortunately, our current technology does not really equip us with an application that will take care of every single one of our restaurant needs without us having to do anything but relax and eat. But the newly introduced PayDragon does take care of a great deal in this department.


If you are hungry or have suddenly met some old friends and want to hang out over food and drinks, or coffee, PayDragon will tell you where to go. It will help you pick your restaurant, depending on what sort of ambience or cuisine you want, how many people are coming with you, and what your budget is for the meal. PayDragon also goes a step further and keeps you updated about special schemes being offered by restaurants in your neighborhood your near your workplace, schemes such as happy hours and free drinks or fries with purchase.

PayDragon- Apps

But that is not the reason we are so in love with this clever little app. That would be because it lets you make payments as well. That’s right, you can pay for any bill that you run up with your friends and family at any bar or eatery by using the PayDragon Mobile Payment option.

This app, totally free, has to be downloaded into your smartphone. Whenever you eat out, all you have to do is use your phone to scan the QR code that the restaurant has created. Using this scan, the app will pay your bill. Eventually restaurants will be able to create menus for the app, enabling you to order directly through the app, and pay for whatever you order.

Order-using-PayDragon- Apps

The great part for both restaurants owners and patrons is that people will be able to order while they are still at home or on the way to the restaurant. Chefs will have adequate time to prepare their delicacies, and patrons would not have to wait more than a couple of minutes for their food to arrive. In fact, the word Dragon in the name refers to the fact that all you need to do is swoop in, eat, and swoop out. Moreover, since people will be paying while ordering, it really brings down the risk of eat and runners.

At the moment, Paydragon is not available in more than a handful of cities like New York, Austin, and Los Angeles, but at the rate it is getting more and more popular, don’t be surprised if every single food establishment accepts payments through it in the near future. Paydragon is available for people who use Apple phones as well as Android phones.

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