Report spam website’s using Google spam report extension

Google looking forward to improve their search results by removing spammy webpages on the internet.To achieve spam free web results,Google introduced a new extension named “Google webspam report” for chrome browser.


The extension will add a link next to all google search results and once you click on it will  automatically fills the spam report from using URL and user query.

Google spam extension

You have wide options available there for selection (means for what reason you think that website is spam).You can select all the problem you are facing with that particular webpage.If possible give some additional details of the problem.Another important feature on this extension is that you can select your recent pages and google searches from your chrome browser history to report those webpages are  spammy.

Google spam extension

You can download “Google webspam report” extension from google extension gallery,Do it right here.if you are using Google toolbar you can use the button to report spam webpages.

I am really unhappy about the non availability this extension on Secure Google search,because most of the time  I am using Google Secure search and  expecting the “Google webspam report” extension will soon support Google Secure web search too.

What do you think about the new extension for chrome ?

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