Schedule or Demand WordPress Database Backup Using “WP-DB-Backup” Plugin

Do you backup your Blog regularly? If not, you should! Even though many hosting companies make backups of your account but It is still a must to have your own Backup. I will discuss later about Why you need your own wordpress Database Backup.

There are too many backup Plugins for WordPress available in the market but today I am going to show you WP-DB-Backup.“WordPress database backup [WP-DB-Backup]” Plugin will the best option to Schedule or demand backup of your WordPress database at anytime. “WP-DB-Backup” Plugin developed by AustinMatzko and It creates backups of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database. Make sure your WordPress version is 2.0.3 or newer in order to backup core WordPress tables in your WordPress Database.

How to Work with WP-DB-Backup Plugin

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Get WP-DB-Backup Plugin from here.

Step2: Install the Plugin and go to Tools and  Backup in order to Configure WP-DB-Backup Plugin.

Step 3: WP-DB-Backup Plugin will automatically add the WordPress Core tables in to the Backup list. If you want to backup any other tables you can select it one by One.


Step 4: Now you will be moved to the different backup options on WP-DB-Backup Plugin.Here WP-DB-Backup Plugin got Save to server, Download to computer and Email Backup Options.


Step5: There is one more customization option available with WP-DB-Backup Plugin, Where you can schedule the WordPress Database backup for hourly, twice daily, once daily and weekly once.


I think the WP-DB-Backup Plugin interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.Nebies on WordPress will be get benefited with this Plugin for backing up their WordPress Database.Is this article helped you ?please share your views and suggestions in our comment section.

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