The 5 Best New Mobile Phones At Mobile World Congress 2012

Choosing the best mobile phones out of any selection is a tricky business, because while what is bad is very easily spotted, what is good usually depends on the requirements of the users. Is it speed you crave, or convenience, or just a lot of glamour?

Whatever way your tastes run, the Mobile World Congress 2012 had something for everybody. Here are five of the best new mobile phones presented at the MWC this year, that will satisfy the even the most finicky gadget freaks :

The Huawei Ascend D Quad

This awesome bit of technology is currently the world’s fastest quad core smartphone. With its sleek 8.9 mm wide body and its 4.5 inch 1280×720 pixel display, this will look like a treat in your hand. It works like a dream, and can play graphic intensive games without slowing down the tiniest bit. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform and the 8 MP camera only add to the appeal of this palmtop wizard.

Huawei Ascend D Quad


The LG Optimus 4X HD

If huge displays turn you on, this latest from the LG Optimus series will please you no ends. With nearly 5 inch screen, awesome pixel resolution, resplendent colors, amazing viewing angles, and soft leather like body finish, the 4X HD is very pleasing to the eye. The Tegra 3 quad core inside, with a whopping speed of 1.5 GHZ, makes gaming a piece of cake. The 16GB memory ensures you can download almost anything, and the battery life is extraordinary. This is one set you are going to fall in love with.




This new addition to HTC’s stable gives the other quad core phones a run for their money, with its brilliant speed and 32 GB of internal memory, not including cloud storage facilities. The One X looks refreshingly different from the other smartphones this year, though it must be said that it may lose some appeal for traditionalists when they see the shiny plastic front and the soft vinyl back. But frankly, it is a pretty piece, with an incredibly bright display, and really cool high speed camera features. Also, though it uses the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, One X uses the very attractive HTC fonts. Though the phone is actually huge, more than a handful, it really is very light.



Nokia 808 Pureview

The Nokia 808 Pureview has one feature that makes it stand out from the rest: its camera. With an unbelievable 41 MP camera, it can make all your photography dreams come true. However, all its other features don’t really match up to the other smartphones we’ve discussed. It has very low HD resolution, a bulky build, and a plastic body that is reminiscent of the N-series of 5 years ago. The interface is user friendly, typical of the Symbian OS, and the single core 1.3 GHZ processor has an easy run. But all things said and done, this is the mother of all camera phones, with mind boggling zoom features and amazing video recording.



Sony Xperia P

The Sony Xperia P has a magnificently cool body with a transparent edge that houses the antenna, but what is most eye-catching is its display features. With a neat little 4 inch screen and some amazing resolutions, The Xperia P is plenty attractive in its own right, but add to that the bright color backlighting, and you have a phone that will grab everyone’s attention as soon as you take it out of your pocket. The dual core 1GHZ processor, while it doesn’t give much competition to its rivals, certainly makes the performance smooth and easy.



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