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Learning is a treasure once you learned the basics of Linux you love this operating system and you will feel it is far better than Microsoft windows operating system. if you are looking a change from traditional windows operating systems then Just check out the latest version of Ubuntu Linux .Sign up today for a free CD shipment.


What is Ubuntu all about?

It is a community developed operating system, it have all the application you need to run a PC  laptop, servers and it will be same as your windows operating system. Once you use it you love new version and you will feel it is far better than your current windows operating system.   Ubuntu is a registered trademark of canonical, you can check out the new features on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS from the official page.

Features of Ubuntu Linux

  • Web browsing
  • Office applications
  • Social and email
  • Music and mobile
  • Application support
  • Personal cloud space
  • Secure, Compatible and Super fast

How to get Ubuntu?

If you want to try out Ubuntu you can do it by going to Ubuntu and request an Ubuntu CD. Your Ubuntu CD will be shipped to your home for free of cost. You need to select whether you need server edition or Desktop edition during checkout  process .Shipping will take  few days, if you can’t wait then go to and download the latest edition of Ubuntu.

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