Top 15 URL shortening service providers

URL Shortening service now becomes so popular due to the social media influence. Many users around the world now using this service mainly to reduce the URL length. There are too many URL shortening service providers available, here I come up with the best 15 of them.

1. Tiny URL

One of the favorite of mine, With Tiny URL you can easily customize the URL.More over it got a toolbar button and a 301 redirect available. The disadvantage you will get with tiny URL is that you will not be able to track the link

2. Bud URL

You can easily customize the shortened URL with an option of tracking facility but no more redirect available with Bud URL.

3. is one of the favorite for users because it allows you to track your shortened links also you can customize the link with 301 redirect.


One of the favorite in the category, you can fully customize the shortened URL and a fully tracking also possible including geographic details like country of visitor etc.You can watch your shortened link status in real time. With social media monitoring ability you can easily knows who tweeted, who shared, which blog wrote about your URL, who is linking to your link. One of the famous tools of twitter users for shortening URL.

5. Can URL

Another simple URL shorter service.


You can customize the fly2 link after login to your fly2 Account. You got an option to add toolbar button to your browser.Fly2 coming up with a website add this button, it will be easy for your users to share your WebPages and promote at same time.

7. Decent URL

With Decent URL you got the ability of customizing your link. You can use bookmark tool for easily deploy your link.

8. Tweet burner

No customization available with Tweet Burner but you can track the entire click to your shortened link.


No customization and tracking facility available for but 301 redirect facility available.

10. Adjix

You will not be able to customize and redirect the URL with Adjix.Tracking of shortened URL possible. You can make some money with Adjix if you go for this option. You can tweet any shortened link directly from your browser.

11. Link In

A powerful URL shorten service provider .With your shortened URL you can do a domain Forwarding or URL Redirection Service. You need to sign up to start the service.

12.6 URL

Another simple URL shortening service provider. No need to sign up with 6URL to create your tiny url.This service is 100 % advertisement free.

13. Sayabit

A new generation URL shortening service with fully customization option. You can use browser bookmaking tool to easily deploy your shortened URL.

14. ShortURL

Another URL shortner with a customized domain option or fully customization with your own words. You can view the traffic details privately with

A new generation URL shortening service provider with advanced security features to avoid spammers.


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