Top 5 Most Useful Download Managers For Linux

Linux is a favorite operating system for so many people, especially designers and developers who have to download or upload a lot of heavy files every day. Linux makes their operations smoother, faster and more stable, not to mention more secure from virus attacks. But what is less known is that Linux provides some awesome support for downloading. So all designers, developers, reviewers, and others who depend on heavy download for their livelihoods or their hobbies can rely on the various download managers available for Linux.

Download Managers For Linux

A download manager takes care of your download and upload, leaving you free to do other things. You just need to specify which files you want to download, and the manager will decide how to do it speedily and in the least disruptive way possible. The manager can choose to break up the file to be downloaded into two or more segments that it can move simultaneously in parallel download. This simple tactic will reduce your download speed by half, or even more, depending on how many segments can be parallel downloaded. No matter how small your bandwidth is, your download manager will be able to squeeze in huge downloads or uploads in surprisingly small period of time.

So, as you must have figured out by now, the great fun of being a Linux user is that you have so many download managers to choose from. But this is also a potential source of dilemma. Don’t worry, we have for you a list of the five best download managers for Linux.

1. MultiGet

MultiGet supports HTTP?FTP protocols and can be used on Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac, apart from Linux. This Graphic User Interface downloader is very simple to use, and it supports multi task on multi server, with multi thread. MultiGet even lets you resume uploads, provided your web server supports it, and it also allows you to change the configuration of the thread number without hindering the current task in any way.


2. wxDownload

This download manager is open source, and can operate on several platforms including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. It can break up a file in to several pieces and download them simultaneously. This makes it a very fast downloader. It also lets you pause and resume downloads, and you can even schedule them.

3. Downloader for X

This download manager, alternatively known as D4X, acts for Linux and Unix like systems. It accelerates downloads to a great degree, and is open source, so it is constantly updated and improved upon. It uses both HTTP as well as FTP protocols, and it lets you pause your downloads and restart them later.

Downloader for X

4. Gwget

This download manager is meant for the Gnome desktop. It runs in the background even when you close the main window, by utilizing the Gnome notification area support. You can even drag and drop a link to the gwget window to start a download.

5. Flashgot

FlashGot is basically a Firefox add-on, and it is excellent for downloading movies, music, and other stuff. The download speed is incredibly high, and the process is so simple, all you need to do is click once.



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