Top 5 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is A Must Today

These days, very few individuals and businesses still opt for storing their data and files in hard drives. Storing anything in your computer has become as passé as the now obsolete floppy disks, or the slowly vanishing CDs. Hard drive storage is inflexible, inaccessible, vulnerable to damage or loss, and expensive to top it all.

Online storage is the call of the day, and cloud storing has become immensely popular. Cloud storage is a form of networked online storage, in which third party operators host virtualized storage pools in which individual users or businesses can easily store their data. Often the cloud storage service is free to a small extent but becomes chargeable beyond a certain storage capacity.

It is with good reason that cloud storage has become such a rage the world over. Cloud storage has an edge over physical storage in the following ways as given below:

1. Top class security

One reason why cloud storage beats all other forms of online storage is that a good cloud storage host will offer you maximum security from hackers. Cloud storage pools are protected by several layers of firewalls. So even if your mail id or blog gets hacked in to, there is no reason why you have to worry about data loss. Moreover, since you are not storing your data in your computer, you do not have to be afraid that all your files may get corrupted due to exposure to some sort of malware. Sleep in peace with the knowledge that your data is in the safest hands possible.

2. Enormous storage capacity

Because you are no longer bound by physical limits of storage, there really is no ceiling on how much storage space you can use, provided you are willing to pay for it. But even for free storages or those that charge a standard fee, you can expect astonishingly huge storage space. Some cloud storage providers like Egnyte can offer you up to three terabytes of storage space, which should be enough for even the most prolific collectors.

3. Accessibility from anywhere

No longer do you need to copy your office file into a pen drive so that you can work on it at home. Nor do you need to get frustrated about not being able to access your files while you are on a different computer or device. If you upload your data onto a cloud storage facility, all you need is an internet connection, and you can access it from anywhere, even from your smartphone or tablet.

4. File sharing among colleagues becomes much easier

Often, when more a group of people work for a project, file sharing becomes a major problem. Files are edited and contributions are appended into the original draft, and so many mails are sent forward and back that it becomes impossible to keep track of who has the final or last edited file. Cloud storage simplifies this whole process and reduces the margin of error. A group member can upload a document on to a cloud and then simply give access to his colleagues, so that they can make changes directly on the file while sitting at their respective workdesks.

5. Ultimately very cost effective

Data storage can be an extremely expensive affair. Private servers will cost you the moon but will give you far less storage space. External hard drives are not cheap either, and further have their own limitations. Therefore cloud storage is simply the best value for money you can get in terms of data storage.

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