How To Improve Results While Searching Google

Search Engines are a very important source of information for people who are used to accessing internet in their daily work. Commonly used Search Engines are Google, Yahoo. The important point remains that the search engines provide information about almost every possible thing be it technology, science, arts, literature, music, culture etc. The list however does not stop here.

There are many other things one can make use of, like accessing Google maps for searching for directions, measuring distance between two cities and even finding a very small place on the entire world of map. Other major things which are within easy reach include Google Calendar; which allows people to schedule their events, meetings in daily life and it can be accessed via mobile as well. Google News makes people aware of the latest happenings around the world.

Search Engines

The use of Google has grown exponentially over the years. The main reasons for Google’s success are its user friendly features which allow a user, with little knowledge of internet, to look for the right results while searching for something on Internet. Google has over one million users all across the world and seems that its efficient methodology has been successful in fulfilling the demands of its users. However there are certain techniques which must be kept in mind while using Google so as to maximize effectiveness of search results.

Few points that a user must keep in mind which will help in using Google efficiently and minimize search time are as follows:

  1. The search text in the Google Search Engine is case insensitive. It would mean that irrespective of upper and lower case in the search text, the results returned would be the same.

  1. The synonyms for words in search texts are included, by default while search results are returned by Google.

  1. While searching for a specific text on Google, mentioning the type of text helps in   returning the exact match. This will reduce the search time and also maximize performance of search.

  1. The use of tilde symbol(~) allows similar words to be searched .It means that if a  word is mentioned in the search text ,its synonyms will also be searched for.

  1. The word “related” helps to find out related search results.

  1. The use of “…” allows a range to be searched for. It allows a larger choice of options when searching within a range like in case of two specific dates or years.

  1. The minus sign immediately before a word allows the user  to omit that word in search results.

  2. The use of “OR” allows results for either of the words in search text to appear as result.

  3. The modifier “INURL” searches for URL’s which contains the words followed by it.

  4. The user can search for meanings of words by using the keyword “define” followed by the word whose meaning is to be searched.

  5. Google allows the user to look for the current time at any location by typing in the keyword “time : location” in the search text.

  1. The conversion of units is allowed by using the “to” keyword between units.

  2. The algebraic expressions can be calculated easily by directly typing them in the search area in Google.

  3. Google allows users to find out flight prices by directly typing airport code in search texts.  For a journey from New Delhi to Kolkata just key in the respective codes followed by space to get flight prices.

  4. The user can search for an image by dragging the image to the search bar.

These are few tips that might be helpful in refining the search results and saving time for people using Google as their daily tool. Happy Googling !!!

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