10 Free Websites To Generate QR Codes For Your Brand

QR (Quick Response) codes are two dimensional barcodes that can be easily read by dedicate QR Barcode reader and camera phones. They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in cell phones , adverts, t-shirts etc. QR codes can store huge volume of data, including url links , Geo coordinates and text. That is why it is considered far more better than standard barcodes.

The other key feature of the QR codes is that it can be scanned and read by many modem cell phones. There’s no need to handle the chunky hand-held scanners to read them.QR codes can be easily generated by various types of QR code generators. Here in this post , we will introduce you with 10 online QR code generating websites that are free of cost.

QR Codes

1) QR Stuff

QR Stuff is one of the best websites for generating and encoding QR codes for free. Its services gives you the opportunity to generate QR codes in ways that most of the other places on the Internet overlook. It allows you to generate QR codes in printable formats and also allows you to email the generated QR codes to your contacts.


Quickqr is a free QR code generator. You don’t require any kind of account registration to use it. It is simple, straightforward and easy to use. Qucikqr allows you to generate QR codes which you can easily save, print, share or use to make fun things like t-shirts and Moo cards.

3)QR jumps

QR jumps is an easy to use free online QR code generator with more advanced options. QR jumps have the advanced features such as QR code redirection, ability to change the destination URL without changing the QR code, password protection and the ability to have your QR codes expire on a certain date. You can use its Guest mode services or you can sign up for free to generate QR codes.


Morovia provides free services to generate QR codes online. You can use its online barcode generator for generating other types of barcodes.

5)Online QR Lab

Online Qr Lab is a free QR code generator and decoder. The service serves QR code from Google Chart API and uses JavaScript to generate and load the images. It allows you to generate QR codes for different content types such as URL, Phone number, SMS , Text and geographic location.

6)Snapmaze QR Code Generator

Snapmaze QR Code Generator allows you to create QR code images on your screen for various purposes such as URL , SMS, text and contact. With Snapmaze data such as number, alphnmeric , kanji and binary can be encrypted into QR code images.Snapmaze provides its users with mobile version of its own QR code reader which is compatible in various camera phone versions of Nokia , Sony Ericson, Motorola and Samsung.

7)Kaywa QR code

Kawya RQ code allows you to generate your own QR code with QR code generator in different content types such as  URL , Text, Phone number and SMS in different sizes. You can save the code and add it to the blogs or documents. You can also save the image or you can save the HTML code.

8 )Qreasy

Qreasy is a free two diemsnional QR code generator. Qreasy generates code in URL content type. You can download the image or save the HTML code and add it to the blogs and documents.


QReateBUZZ helps you create QR codes for use on business cards, promotions, etc. Its a complete code generator , manager and analyzer created for advertisers to generate, manage and track one or more QR code campaigns in one spot. You need to sign in to use its services. Registration is for free.


Mobilefish allows you to create various QR code images for different content types such as text, URL,Phone number, SMS number, Email, Business card and geographic location. The generated codes can be scanned by a scanner or other devices such as camera phones. It allows you to save the image or save the whole HTML code which later can be used in other blogs and documents.


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